FarmaVita Life The Perm 1

FarmaVita Life The Perm 1

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Create beautiful waves with the FarmaVita Life The Perm 1 - Dyed and Thin Hair* 500ml.

  • Firm perm creates marked waves 
  • Adds protection, vitality and elasticity
  • Effective support without damaging hair
  • Fixes and perms the protein molecules inside hair

*FarmaVita Life The Perm 0 is formulated for dyed and thin hair types. 

Directions for use: towel-dry freshly washed hair and set in curlers. Apply the waving liquid on each lock and allow it to act according to the application time. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a towel. Apply the proposed application of Life Universal Neutralizer for 5 minutes before rinsing abundantly