Genosys Snow Cleanser 500ml

Genosys Snow Cleanser 500ml

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Snow O2 bubbling cleanser(face/body) has oxygen massage effects and has an action of foam cleansing


  • Fine and powerful oxygen foam massage removes waste from the deepest part of the pores.
  • Tired, dull skin is revitalised.
  • Herbal extracts soothes, heal and provides nutrition for more supple skin.


Use this product to cleanse face and/or body.

  1. Apply it to the face evenly except eyes and lips.
  2. Then, creamy oxygen bubbles are produced. (If the skin is damaged or stressed, bubbles may feel sharp. However, this is normal as your skin is being cleansed.) While a lot of oxygen bubbles bursts, the skin can have oxygen massaging effect.
  3. When the bubbles are fully generated on the entire area, massage the face (or body) gently and rinse them with tepid water. You may do this with your makeup on. (Clean up completely otherwise foams can take pace continuously.)